Frequently Asked Questions
Social Media Boost means "Sanalyzation", as our panel adapted the term to our language. Virtualization; It means assuming that social media accounts have a certain audience. Our practices prove every day that social media accounts can more easily reach the goals they want to achieve, taking into account the visual perception issue of profiles shown as Assumption (Sanalyzation).
We record and observe the impact of orders placed through our panel on social media accounts moment by moment. We would like you to know that as of the date our panel entered the application, we have not observed any risk on the accounts, unless there is abuse by our users. However, we would like you to know that our panel does not take any responsibility for any problems that may occur.
You can be sure that you will see the effect if you monitor the progress of the orders you place through our panel in a controlled and orderly manner. If we need to explain with a few examples; Posts you share on Instagram appear in the "Discover" section. This allows your post to reach more Instagram users. Another example is that you are more likely to appear constantly in the "Recommended" section of the videos you share on YouTube. This helps your video post be seen by more Youtube users.