S M McArd (Seeds)



Specially selected varieties, some old, some new, some unusual.
ALL seed free of chemical treatment.


Leek Giant Winter Excellent late variety, good length £0.78
Leek Musselburgh Well known main crop, large size £0.70
Leek The Lyon Good all round variety for Autumn use £0.73
Leek King Richard Very long white shaft, early cropping £1.10
Lettuce Great Lakes Frilled, pale green crisp leaves £0.73
Lettuce Iceberg Open hearted crisp leaves with red tinge £0.68
Lettuce Lollo Rosso Loose leaf type, deep red leaves £0.98
Lettuce Catalogna A cut-and-come-again Lettuce, light green, deeply lobed leaves with crunchy ribs, quick to regrow £0.95
Lettuce Burgundy Boston Almost maroon coloured outer leaves £0.95
Lettuce All the Year Round Sown early spring to late summer £0.68
Lettuce Webb’s Wonderful Large, crisp heads £0.70
Lettuce Cos Little Gem Dwarf growing, mid-green leaves £0.78
Lettuce Marvel of Four Seasons Stunning red coloured £0.75
Marrow Spaghetti Pale yellow oval fruits, cooked whole, scooped out flesh resembles spaghetti £0.85
Marrow Custard White Creamy white flat fruits with a scalloped edge, keeps well £0.80
Marrow Long Green Bush Large dark green, striped fruits £0.68
Melon Sweetheart Grey green skin, slightly oval shaped fruits £1.29
Mercury Good King Henry or Lincolnshire Spinach An ancient vegetable, young leaves cooked like spinach £1.00
Okra Clemsons Spineless Rich green pods, pick when 7cm long £0.80
Onion Red Brunswick Blood red coloured bulbs £0.90
Onion White Lisbon Spring Onion for salads, etc, slow to bulb £0.68
Onion Oakey Semi-globe shaped, large bulbs £0.90
Onion Long Red Florence Torpedo shaped red onion £0.90
Onion Bedfordshire Champion Large gold-brown bulbs, white flesh £0.78
Onion Ailsa Craig Straw coloured skin, good shape, mild flavour £0.78
Onion White Lisbon Winter Hardy For Autumn sowing £0.70
Parsley Extra Triple Curled Densely curled heads £0.70
Parsnip Student Long slender roots, creamy white flesh £0.70
Parsnip Tender and True Uniform roots, excellent flavour £0.75
Pea Bean Brown and white bicolour round seeds, pods picked when young and cooked or left to mature £1.25
Pepper Sweet Spanish Mixed Mixture of shapes and colours, mild £0.85
Pepper Chilli Masses of small, VERY HOT fruits £0.85
Pumpkin Hundredweight Mammoth size fruits, deep orange flesh £0.78
Radish Cherry Belle Round radish, mild flavour £0.63
Radish French Breakfast Half long, bright pink roots, quick growing £0.68
Rhubarb Glaskin’s Perpetual Very root flavour, quick growing £0.85
Rocket Salad Delicious, spicy flavoured leaves, easily grown in pots as a tasty salad plant £0.70
Salsify Sandwich Island Vegetable Oyster, brown skin, creamy flesh £0.95
Savoy Best of All Good solid heads for Autumn cutting £0.78
Scorzonera Long Black Maxima Very long roots, good flavour £0.90
Seakale Lilywhite Blanched roots steamed and eaten like asparagus £1.00
Skirret An ancient vegetable, produces swollen edible roots which are tender and sweet, use as Salsify £1.00
Spinach Atlanta Sow from March-October, high yielding £0.73
Spinach New Zealand Crops over a long season £0.78
Squash Red Kuri Bright orange, teardrop shaped fruits £1.05
Strawberry Sticks Bright green leaves can be cooked and eaten like spinach, strawberry-like fruits can be eaten fresh £1.30
Swede Best of All Large globe shaped roots, very hardy £0.63
Swede Acme Purpletop Excellent quality and flavour £0.68
Sweet Corn Tasty Gold F1 Super sweet long cobs £0.98
Tomato Totem F1 Dwarf plants for patios, etc, early, sweet fruits £1.79
Tomato Ailsa Craig Greenback type, excellent flavour £0.78
Tomato Tumbler F1 Early variety for hanging baskets and tubs, bright red, cherry-like fruits £1.99
Tomato Shirley F1 Large trusses of medium size fruits £1.75
Tomato San Marzano Red plum variety for bottling, etc £0.78
Tomato Moneymaker Smooth red fruits with a good flavour £0.78
Tomato Gardener’s Delight Masses of small, sweet, juicy tomatoes £0.93
Tomato First in the Field Old variety for outdoor use, excellent flavour £0.75
Turnip Snowball Very early variety, smooth skinned £0.63
Turnip Milan Purple Top Early variety, flattish roots £0.73
Vegetable Amaranth Red Very decorative dark green/red leaves which can be cooked or used in salads & stir fries £1.00
Water Spinach Needs fertile soil and must be kept well watered. Very mild, sweet flavour, raw or cooked £1.25
Watercress Must be kept very moist, extremely nutritious £0.85
Watermelon Charleston Gray Light green skin, bright red flesh £0.90
Welsh Onion Red Stronger flavour than green form £1.60
Welsh Onion Larger than chives and with a stronger flavour £0.99

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