S M McArd (Seeds)



Specially selected varieties, some old, some new, some unusual.
ALL seed free of chemical treatment.


Artichoke Green Globe Attractive thistle-like heads 1.10
Asparagus Connover's Colossal Early, heavy cropper 0.95
Asparagus Pea Small winged pods for cooking whole 0.95
Aubergine Long Purple Medium sized, elongated fruits 0.85
Bean Yard Long Pods grow to 45cm long, round and stringless 1.40
Beet Erbette Cut-and-come-again Italian leaf beet, excellent taste 0.95
Beetroot Bolthardy Medium sized roots, deep red colour 0.70
Beetroot Cylindra Cylindrical shaped roots, good flavour 0.85
Beetroot Detroit Globe Large roots, excellent quality, main crop 0.68
Beetroot Golden Orange-yellow roots, good flavour 0.85
Beetroot Tardel Superb quality baby beet, ideal for late sowing 0.85
Borecolle Nero Di Toscana Italian type cut-and-come-again kale 0.95
Broccoli Romanesco Very attractive lime green head 0.98
Broccoli Purple Sprouting Ready for cutting in March 0.70
Broccoli White Sprouting Ready for cutting in April 0.68
Broccoli Ninestar Perennial Creamy white cauliflower-like heads in spring and early summer 0.75
Brussels Sprouts Evesham Special Good quality sprouts 0.70
Brussels Sprouts Peer Gynt F1 Dwarf early, stands well 1.49
Brussels Sprouts Rubine The red sprout with excellent flavour 1.10
Brussels Sprouts Wellington F1 December-March cropping 1.89
Cabbage Golden Acre Ballhead type for early summer use 0.65
Cabbage Brunswick "Cow Cabbage", very large, leafy heads 0.78
Cabbage Christmas Drumhead Large solid heads, dark green 0.75
Cabbage Greyhound Very early, compact pointed heads 0.70
Cabbage Hispi F1 Very early, small to medium heads 1.69
Cabbage January King For winter use, solid heads 0.70
Cabbage Ornamental Pink, green and white variegated foliage used for salads, etc as well as for decoration 0.80
Cabbage Red Drumhead Ideal for pickling, large heads 0.70
Cabbage Spring Hero F1 Large, solid, ball-shaped heads, sow in August for spring use 1.39
Cabbage Celtic F1 December-February cutting, very hardy 1.39
Calabrese Emperor F1 Very early and heavy yielding 1.39
Calabrese Green Sprouting Matures from early August 0.78
Cape Gooseberry Tall growing plant with orange-red fruits 0.80
Cardoon Gigante di Romagna Midrib use like celery in salads 0.90
Carrot James Scarlet Intermediate Broad shoulders with long tapering roots 0.68
Carrot Flakee Large sized roots, stores well 0.85
Carrot St Valery Ideal for show work, very long roots, sweet flesh 0.70
Carrot Early Nantes Half-long stump ended roots 0.70
Carrot Chantenay Red Cored Good flavour, uniform shape 0.70
Carrot Autumn King Fine main crop variety, keeps well 0.73
Cauliflower Violet Queen F1 Deep purple curds turn light green on cooking, excellent flavour 1.35
Cauliflower All Year Round For Summer and Autumn cutting 0.78
Cauliflower Wainfleet Large heads, good leaf protection, cut mid-April to early may 1.35
Cauliflower Snowball Very early, dwarf and compact heads, sow Autumn through to January 0.78
Cauliflower Autumn Giant Cut from October onwards 0.85
Celeriac Giant Prague Globe shaped roots for salads, etc 0.80
Celery Green Utah Bright green stalks, crisp with a good flavour 0.85
Celtuce Bright green leaves with white mid-rib 1.00
Chard Rhubarb Bright red leaf and rib, rich in vitamins 0.80
Chard Swiss Large leaves, white rib, outstanding flavour, highly productive 0.75
Chicory Variegata di Castelfranco Very decorative, green, blotched red leaves 0.90
Claytonia Miners Lettuce Hardy salad vegetable, very nutritious 1.05
Courgette All Green Bush Small dark green fruits 0.65
Courgette Tondo di Chiaro Nizza Round shaped, pale green colour, excellent flavour 0.85
Courgette Zucchini Slim fruits, dark green with smooth skin 0.85
Cress Greek Delicious peppery taste, fast growing 1.00
Cress American or Land Spicy flavour, similar to watercress, thrives on most soils, fast to mature 0.85
Cucumber Telegraph Improved Indoor type with superb flavour 0.95
Cucumber Bedfordshire Ridge Early outdoor type, small dark green fruits 0.70
Cucumber Birgit F1 All female, late main crop, sow from February 2.35
Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green Highly digestible and bitter free 1.05
Cucumber Crystal Lemon Lemon-sized fruits, tangy flavour, for outdoor use 0.85
Cucumber Gherkin Fast growing variety producing masses of small fruit 0.73
Dolichos Lablab Produces small beans ideal for curries, young pods can be eaten whole. Decorative climber. 1.30
Endive Riccia Pancalieri Very curled leaves, rose tinted midribs 0.95
Gourd Butternut Excellent sweet flavour, elongated fruits 0.85
Kale Pentland Brig Sow in spring, cut the leafy shoots from February 0.90
Kale Cottagers Winter hardy, distinct flavour 0.90
Kohl Rabi Green Delicasy Pale green semi-globe roots 0.78
Kohl Rabi Purple Delicacy Excellent flavour, tender flesh 0.78

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