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chinese mustard


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Chinese Broccoli Kailan Sown from early Spring to late Autumn, ready within two months, white flowers 1.05
Chinese Celery Kintsai Easy to grow, ready in under 2 months, vivid green leaves and unique aroma when cooked 0.95
Chinese Kale Green Lance F1(Chinese Broccoli) Edible leaves, stalks and flower buds. Sow during summer, plants ready within 2 months 1.05
Chinese Mustard Green in Snow Sow in summer or early Autumn, will withstand severe cold weather, excellent flavour 0.95
Chinese Mustard Kaisoi Similar to Indian Mustard but with milder flavour. Sow June September for late Autumn cropping 0.95
Chopsuey Green Shungiku (Chrysanthemum Greens) Cooked like Spinach, plants harvested when 10cm high 1.10
Choy Sum Purple Flowering Highly decorative purple ribbed stems and leaves. Produces masses of edible flowering stems 1.05
Indian Mustard Amsoi Tender greens with a mustard tang 1.05
Japanese Green Green Boy Quick growing, ready in 35 days. Delightful aromatic flavour. Plant up to 400 plants/square metre 0.95
Japanese Radish Minowase Summer F Long crisp roots with a mild flavour 1.10
Mibuna Green Spray Spray-like plant with narrow leaves 1.05
Mitsuba Japanese Parsley Celery-like flavour with a touch of parsley. Use raw in salads or cooked in soups and stir fries 0.95
Mizuna Dark green narrow leaves, slender white stalk 0.95
Mustard Greens Green Wave Mild flavoured, dark green fringed leaves, ideal for spring or Autumn cropping 0.95
Mustard Spinach Komatsuna Quick growing, ready one month from sowing, dark green leaves, sow spring to late Autumn 1.00
Pak Choi Green Produces heavy yields 40 days after sowing, sow from late Spring to Autumn, smooth round leaves 1.05
Pak Choi Joi Choi F1 Outstanding white stemmed variety, shiny leaves 1.10
Pak Choi Tatsoi (Rosette Pak Choi) Very broad, round smooth leaves of bright green with long, tender broad white stem 0.95
Pak Choi White (Japanese Celery Mustard) Spoon shaped leaves with a wide white mid-rib. Leaves used like Spinach, ribs like asparagus 1.05
Texel Greens Tasty salad green or for stir fries. Spring or Autumn cropping, eat as young leaves or full plant 0.90
Thai Salad (Thai Lettuce) Lettuce with attractive curled leaves 1.35
Water Spinach Very mild, sweet flavoured leaves and stems, can be eaten raw or cooked. Must be kept well watered 1.15
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