S M McArd (Seeds)



Beet Leaf Swiss Chard Pure white rib, attractive green leaf 0.99
Beetroot Bluto Excellent maincrop variety, deep red flesh 1.05
Beetroot Alvro Mono An early cropping mono-germ variety 1.49
Borecole Westland Winter Large and spreading, blue-green leaves, winter hardy 1.49
Broad Bean Super Aquadulce For over wintering 1.49
Brussels Sprouts Igor F1 Harvest November December 2.25
Cabbage Marner Large White Large solid heads, stands well 1.05
Cabbage Marner Large Red Red cabbage for autumn harvesting, stores well 1.05
Cabbage Cuor di Bue Light green, large pointed hearts 0.99
Carrot Flakkee Large sized roots, stores well 1.05
Carrot Nantes Blunt ended roots, for mid season use 0.99
Carrot Berlicum Long, conical roots, late maincrop 0.99
Celeriac Prinz Light skinned, round smooth roots 1.05
Chicory Palla Rossa Bright red with white crispy ribs 0.99
Climbing French Bean Markant Early, oval round pods 1.75
Courgette Nero di Milano Medium early, cylindrical fruit 1.05
Cucumber Styx F1 Excellent quality, straight fruit 2.95
Cucumber Marketmore Medium early ridge type 1.05
Dwarf French Bean Slenderette Dark green round, longpods, good flavour 1.49
Endive Pancalieri Dark green outer leaves, cream heart 0.99
Khol Rabi Logo Pale green skinned, harvest May October 1.05
Leek Carenten Large, thick stems, blue-green foliage 1.25
Lettuce Marvel of Four Season Medium large, bronze-red leaves 1.05
Lettuce Winter Crop Early maturing, can be overwintered 1.05
Onion Dorato de Parma Late maturing, large bulbs 1.25
Onion Sturon Maincrop, straw brown, thick skinned 1.25
Parsley Smaragd Dark green densely curled leaves 0.99
Pea Markana Semi-leafless, well filled pods of good flavour 1.49
Pepper Marconi Rossa Mild, sweet flavoured pepper, long thin pods 1.25
Radish Saxa Round, scarlet roots, early maturing 0.99
Savoy Vertus Round flattish heads 0.99
Tomato Matina Very early maturing, medium large fruits 1.25
Tomato Yellow Brandy Wine Excellent flavour 1.49
Turnip Milan Purple Top Flat shaped roots, fast to mature 0.99
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