S M McArd (Seeds)



Angelica A stately plant, stems and stalks can be candied £0.95
Aniseed Leaves used for salads, seeds in cakes, etc £0.95
Balm Lemon scented leaves for use in teas and salads £0.90
Basil Greek Very compact with tiny leaves £0.95
Basil Cinnamon Marvellous aroma of cinnamon £0.95
Basil Sweet For flavouring soups, preserves, etc £0.90
Basil Dark Opal Strong basil scent, very attractive red leaves £0.95
Bergamot Lemon Purple-pink flowers which dry well £0.95
Borage A bee plant, cucumber flavoured leaves for salads £0.90
Burnet Salad Cucumber flavoured leaves for salads, sauces £0.90
Caraway Seeds used for flavouring cakes, breads, etc £0.90
Chamomile Matricaria Flowers for hair rinses and teas £0.95
Chamomile Lawn Daisy-like flowers, for lawns £0.95
Chervil Curled Has a delicate aniseed flavour £0.90
Chives Onion flavoured leaves for salads and soups £0.90
Chives Garlic Mild garlic flavour, useful in salads £0.95
Coriander Seeds used in curries, pickles and sauces £0.90
Cumin Aromatic seeds used in Indian and Mexican cooking £0.95
Dill Mammoth Seeds used in sauces and pickles £0.90
Fennel Common Fern-like leaves for flavouring £0.90
Fennel Sweet Florence Large white bulbs for salad use £0.85
Feverfew For herbal drinks, said to cure migraine £0.95
Horehound Leaves used for seasoning and medicinal uses £0.95
Hyssop A bee-keeper’s plant, leaves used in salads £0.95
Lavender Spica Dried flowers for Lavender bags, etc £1.05
Lemon Grass Lemon scented tea herb, for stir-fries, etc £2.60
Lovage Celery-like leaves for flavouring soups and stews £0.95
Marjoram Pot For flavouring pies, sausages and stuffing £0.95
Marjoram Sweet Sweet spicy flavour for seasoning £0.90
Oregano Greek Ideal for flavouring, has a distinct aroma £0.95
Parsley Italian Giant Plain leaf, strong flavour £0.90
Pennyroyal Creeping habit, said to repel moths and ants £0.95
Peppermint Dark green leaves, very aromatic, perennial £1.05
Rosemary Fine aromatic leaves used for flavouring lamb £0.90
Rue For seasoning and medicinal uses, yellow flowers £0.90
Sage For seasoning and stuffing, grey-green leaves £0.90
Savory Summer Distinct flavour for fish and pork dishes £0.90
Savory Winter For stuffing, omelettes and minced meat £0.95
Sorrel French Tangy flavoured leaves cooked like Spinach £0.90
Sweet Cicely Bright green lacy foliage and white flowers £0.95
Tarragon Russian Leaves used in salads, Tarragon vinegar £0.90
Thyme Common Excellent for seasoning lamb dishes, etc £1.05
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