S M McArd (Seeds)



Seed packed in illustrated packets with cultural instructions.

Ageratum Blue Ball Deep blue flowers throughout summer 0.75
Alyssum Pastel Carpet Blend of pastel shades, uniform habit 0.88
Aster Duchess Mixed Thick incurved petals, late flowering 0.83
Carnation Hardy Border Mixed Long stems, quality blooms 0.99
Dahlia Unwin Dwarf Hybrids Semi-double flowers in wide colour range 0.89
Delphinium Pacific Giants Mixed Tall elegant spikes, double and semi-double flowers 1.05
Geranium Country Garden Excellent variety for bedding 1.05
Impatiens Little Lizzie Bedding type, mix of bold colours 1.12
Larkspur Dwarf Double Mixed For cut flowers or drying 0.79
Lavateria Loveliness Deep rose trumpet shaped flowers 0.79
Lobelia Pendula Cascade Mixed Hardy trailing type 0.83
Lobelia Fountains Mixed Strong growing trailing variety, produces masses of flower heads 0.89
Marigold French Boy O Boy Dwarf habit, large bright flowers 0.99
Marigold African Sunset Giants Large bold flowers 0.75
Nasturtium Alaska Red flowers and variegated foliage 0.89
Nemesia Carnival Mixed Compact dwarf habit, large brilliantly coloured flowers 0.79
Pansy Swiss Giant Mixed Large flowers in striking colours 0.83
Pansy Winter Flowering Mixed An outstanding strain of early flowering pansies 0.89
Petunia Cascade Mixed F1 Prolific trailing type 1.89
Petunia Trumpet Rainbow Excellent mixture of colours 0.75
Phlox Masterpiece Large flowers, excellent colour range 0.75
Salvia Cleopatra Mixed Excellent blended mixture of dark and light reds and white, early flowering 1.15
Sweet Pea Patio Mixed For bedding, pots and containers, height 35cm 0.99
Sweet Pea Spencer Waved Mixed Colourful blended mixture 0.83
Verbena Mammoth Hybrids Erect habit, large heads, brightly coloured flowers 0.89
Wallflower Fair Lady Mixed A blend of pastel shades 0.79
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